General Questions

1Who should I call to report a loss?
You can let your Farmers agent know, but to get the claims process rolling fast, call Farmers Claim Services at 1-800-435-7764 (English, Spanish and hearing-impaired). One of our customer service professionals will ask you a few questions to get the information we need to start the claims process.
2How do I know if my claim will be covered?
A good place to start is by reviewing your policy. You also may want to ask your Farmers agent or the Farmers claims representative assigned to your claim to help you understand what coverage you've purchased and how it applies to your particular claim.
3What does Farmers Claim Services offer?
Our award-winning Farmers Claim Services team is staffed with caring professionals, available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you through the claims process.
4Will my premium increase if I file a claim?
It depends in part on the terms of your policy, how many claims you've filed in the past and insurance regulations in your state. Your Farmers agent can discuss the answers to these questions with you.
5How long will it take to handle my claim?
It depends on how complex the claim is, how serious the damages or injuries are, and how willing other involved parties are to cooperate. Farmers claims representatives always work toward prompt resolution of every claim. If a claim requires follow-up work, we'll be there with you every step of the way - no matter how long it takes. And, if your claim has been concluded and additional damage or injuries are identified, we'll reopen the claim and determine if your policy provides coverage for the additional expense.
6Will my policy be cancelled if I file a claim?
To help keep rates affordable for all Farmers customers, we must occasionally cancel a policy if a policyholder becomes a high risk - for example, by filing multiple claims within a brief time period, causing an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or taking unnecessary risks (careless use of flammable liquids, reckless driving, etc.). Your Farmers agent can discuss the answers to these questions with you.
7I'm not at fault. Why do I need to file a claim on my Farmers policy?
You may have a hard time recovering from the at-fault party; they may believe that they're not at fault – or they may not have auto insurance. So, by filing a claim with Farmers, we may be able to help you recover your costs – including your deductible – from the insurance company providing coverage to the at-fault party.
8What's a deductible?
It's the portion of a covered loss that, according to your policy, you've agreed to pay before Farmers starts paying for costs of the loss. For example, if you have a covered loss of $2,000 and your policy carries a $500 deductible, you'll pay the first $500 and we'll pay the remaining $1,500. In exchange for agreeing to pay a deductible, you pay lower policy premiums each year.
9Will I still have to pay the deductible if I wasn't at fault?
No matter who's at fault, you may still have to pay a deductible for certain coverages. We'll try to recover that cost from the responsible party or the insurer of the responsible party, and we'll return your deductible to you if we succeed.
10I don't think my losses will exceed my deductible. Should I still file a claim?
You may want to, just in case you discover additional injuries or damages later on that take the value of the claim over the deductible amount. Talk it over with your Farmers agent.

Auto Claims

1What is "no fault" insurance?
It is insurance offered in some states that pays for each driver's own injuries, no matter who is found to be at fault in an accident. Ask your Farmers claims representative if you live in a no-fault state and, if so, how it might affect your claim.
2What if my vehicle is "totaled" in an accident?
We look at the type and extent of damage, vehicle age, state law and other factors to determine whether to repair or declare a vehicle a total loss.
3What is uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage?
It typically provides coverage for your bodily injury caused by an uninsured (a person who does not have insurance) or underinsured motorist (a person who does not have enough insurance to compensate you for your damages). In some states, this coverage extends to your vehicle damage, as well. Ask your Farmers claims representative how this coverage may apply under your policy.
4Who pays the loan balance if my vehicle is "totaled"?
We pay actual cash value for covered losses, up to the limits of your policy and excluding your deductible. You may be responsible for any loan balance above that amount. If another party is at-fault for the accident, you may be able to recover the amount of the loan balance that you are responsible for.
5What's a Guaranteed Repair Program shop, and why should I consider taking my vehicle there for repairs?
Auto repair facilities in Farmers Guaranteed Repair Program provide Farmers policyholders with best-in-class repairs and exceptional customer service – repairing your vehicle quickly and professionally. Repairs completed at a GRP shop are guaranteed against defects in quality and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle.
6If I take my vehicle to a GRP shop, should I get an estimate from another repair facility?
No. That's one of the key benefits of the GRP program – you aren't required to obtain multiple estimates. The GRP shop will write an estimate and provide copies to you and to Farmers.

Life Claims

1How do I notify Farmers New World Life Insurance Company (FNWL) of a claim?
Please use the following e-mail link to notify us of a claim involving a life insurance policy: You may also call the FNWL Claims Department at 1-800-435-7764 to report a claim or to speak to a life claims representative. Please have the following information available, or include as much of the following information in your e-mail as possible: Insured's Full Name Insured's Date of Birth Insured's Social Security Number State of Residence Policy number(s) Type of claim (death, disability, accelerated benefit, etc.) Your name If the claimant is someone other than you, please include the name of the claimant and your relationship to the claimant Daytime and evening phone numbers Additional information/Comments footer note*This information is provided for general informational purposes only and is not a contract or a policy of any kind. All coverages are subject to the terms, conditions, special limits, and exclusions of your policy and all applicable endorsements. Please contact your assigned claims representative for further information regarding your claim.
2What is personal injury protection?
Personal injury protection – or PIP – usually covers an insured person, covered family members and other covered individuals for reasonable and necessary expenses for bodily injury caused by a covered accident. It covers such expenses as medical and hospital care, income continuation, child care, loss of services, and funerals. It's not offered in every state, so ask your Farmers® claims representative if PIP coverage is included in your policy.
3How does medical payments coverage work?
If you've purchased medical coverage in your auto policy, it typically provides payment for reasonable and necessary medical treatment for you, covered family members, and passengers who are injured in an accident in your insured vehicle. It may cover expenses for ambulance service, emergency room or hospital care, physicians, X-rays and other diagnostic services, surgery and funerals. Your Farmers claims representative can explain this coverage in more detail.
4How does bodily injury coverage work?
This coverage protects you up to your policy limits from liability claims that may arise when you're involved in an auto accident, in which another person is injured. Your Farmers claims representative can explain this coverage in more detail.
5If I can't work because of my injuries, who pays my lost wages?
It depends on the laws in your state, and on the coverage you purchased. Discuss this question with your Farmers claims representative.